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Puzzle games are aimed at persistent players who believe in their abilities. Strategic thinking skills and experience are crucial here - in logic games the element of randomness is kept to a minimum or not present at all. Everything in the hands (and head) of the players. Puzzle games can be divided into two categories - single player or multiplayer games.

Single player games are about generating a certain starter board that the player has to solve. Popular games of this type are solitaire, 2048, Angry Birds, sudoku. One player can also try their hand at a game for two or more players, where the opponent is the computer (e.g. tic-tac-toe).

Logic multiplayer games involve an online battle with other players, e.g. checkers, go or a ball on checkered paper.

After the great success of the series "Gambit Królowej" and the successes of the Polish chess player - Jan Krzysztof Duda, chess is experiencing a second youth. Playing games online is no less fun than moving real wooden pieces on the chessboard. An interesting fact may be the fact that chess engines are used by professional chess players - the computer will always find the best possible move in a given position.

aplikacja mobilna