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Crescent Solitaire


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About the game Crescent Solitaire

Who of us does not know this simple and extremely addictive solo card game, which is playing solitaire? Get caught up in the crescent challenge - just be careful, as you'll likely be stuck with it for a long time. Crescent Solitaire is a simple solitaire game where you stack each of the four suits in both ascending and descending order. You have several chances to reshuffle - maybe this will make the cards turn out better?

The undoubted advantage of Crescent Solitaire is ... speed and smoothness of fun! And no, it's not that time is running out and you need to hurry (though that's true too). You are just one click away from unfolding the cards, and to clean up the card mess - just close the window after the game. Tempting, isn't it? So start the game of Crescent Solitaire, compete with yourself and with others for the time and quality of the puzzle (who will take the challenge of not shuffling cards?). Move the entire two-deck crescent moon into neat, orderly piles.

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