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Arcade games are a very popular category of games. It includes both ball games for adults, tetris, "match 3" and some card games, as well as games for children. Especially liked by the youngest are those in which you can play the role of the hero of your favorite fairy tale - Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, or Frozen. Some titles are based on the rules of a sports discipline - ski jumping, ping-pong or shooting the ball into the goal.

Simple rules, the difficulty level increases with the progression of the levels - the player should show cleverness and good reflexes. Skill games will keep you entertained for hours and allow you to practice your intellect with a smile on your face. Arcade games are found in the mobile and browser versions - each of them allows you to quickly start playing, most of these types of games also allow you to save the currently achieved level - after switching on again, the player does not have to start the game from scratch.

In arcade games, we will not encounter complicated tasks that require longer reflection. That is why they are perfect titles for both children and adults. In order to be successful, the player must master the controls well (using the mouse, keyboard, in mobile versions - touch) and act quickly.

aplikacja mobilna