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Gems and diamonds games (often called Jewels) are typical arcade games with simple rules and addictive gameplay mechanics. The player's task is to move rows and columns with different gems or diamonds to form a line consisting of identical gems. Then the line disappears and the player scores points depending on the type of hand obtained.

Jewels has somewhat similar rules to ball games as well as tetris games. Matching gems and diamonds of the same colors and shapes requires patience and logical thinking. Unfortunately, the player cannot think too long - the rules of the game assume the passage of time, so subsequent moves must be made as quickly as possible. Many games in this category allow you to progress through the levels. Browser games of gems and diamonds allow you to start the game at home, work and travel - wherever we have access to the Internet.

Many games of gems and diamonds also give you the opportunity to play in several modes - a game more focused on a strategic approach and solving difficult puzzles, or a typical arcade edition, in which the speed of moving diamonds and gems between fields on the board counts.

aplikacja mobilna