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Spider Solitaire Blue


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About the game Spider Solitaire Blue

Spider Solitaire Blue is one of the most popular solitaires. Offers 3 classic gameplay modes: single-color, two-color and four-color, Spider Solitaire guarantees fun for hours. Combined with the polished graphics for which Softgames are known, this is a must-have for all Solitaire fans. Enjoy this gameplay!

How to play Spider Solitaire Blue?

The main purpose is to sort cards into piles. Each pile can contain only one color with a descending sequence from King to Ace. You can move any card from the end of the stack to another as long as it forms a descending sequence. Empty table columns can be filled with any card or color. When there are no more moves available, click on an action to deal more cards. You must fill in all the blanks on the table before you can give away.

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