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Bubble shooters is the name of a category of browser games, mostly single-player, in which the player's task is to shoot colorful balls and bubbles.

Basic Bubble Shooter games have the simplest rules. The player aims at the balls at the top of the screen, trying to combine several balls of the same color. Games three or more identical bubbles touch each other - they disappear. Many games offer additional difficulties or obstacles, but this is compensated by the fact that the player can also use bonuses and special balls. And so in Buble Pop Adventures we go through the levels, saving the toadstools trapped in bubbles. The game has a great, fairy-tale graphic design and can be operated both with the mouse - on the computer, and with the touch screen after starting the game on a mobile device.

The Unity game Buble Shooter Tale, based on a modern engine for browser and mobile games, is similar to the aforementioned Bubble games. The player has to complete dozens of different levels, while learning the details of the fairy-tale plot. The bubbles are shot with the help of a cute kitten, and that's what makes kids love this title.

Most bubble-breaking games have similar rules, so to make their offer more attractive, their producers pack the games in various graphic designs. And so we have Christmas versions of the game (Bubble Game: Xmas Edition), as well as references to well-known themes from fairy tales such as Psi Patro or Bubble Frozen II.

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