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Bubble Shooter Pro - professional bubble tamer

A bubble tamer sounds proud and menacing, doesn't it? Especially when they are just cute little balls that don't even attack you. This serious feature awaits you in Bubble Shooter Pro, another color-matching bubble suggestion.

The game mechanism is nothing simpler - use the cursor to direct the ball to colorful rows suspended in the air, in such a way that they hit the vicinity of companions of the same color. That's when the bubbles explode and you get more points on the meter. Cool, isn't it?

Bubble Shooter Pro game brings a lot of fun and satisfaction, and passing the next levels brings interesting, new suggestions and surprises. Try to knock everything down in as few moves as possible and always aim well. In this version, you can also choose from various facilities and improvements that you can use.

This is what makes the game a truly pro option. You decide whether while playing Bubble Shooter Pro it will be possible to bounce the ball from the side walls in the game panel (the number of moves is strictly limited) and whether you want to change the color of the "ammunition" when the current one does not suit you at all.

These types of games are an uncomplicated proposition, good for both children and adults, for example to kill boredom during a break at work or at university. You can test Bubble Shooter Pro from a browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet, depending on your capabilities, preferences and the current opportunity.

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