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Games aimed at children not only keep them entertained, but also allow them to exercise their memory and develop their toddler's other skills. Children's browser games are often presented in a beautiful, fairy-tale graphic design - referring to their favorite characters - computer versions of classic games. Among them you can find such evergreens as checkers, dominoes, memory, or simple card games. The rules of such games are accessible and even the youngest children will be able to handle them. Passing through the levels and scoring points, however, will require combining and reflecting on the next moves, which is a great exercise for a child.

A large selection of games available from the computer and web browser will satisfy fans of princesses and doll dressing up, as well as dinosaur trackers and future champions of the steering wheel.

Many of the games that are initially aimed at children are also very popular with adults. Simple rules allow you to relax, and passing the next levels will not cause a grimace on your face - easy and fun games - what more could you want during a break from work?