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Bubble Shooter Extreme

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About this game

Bubble Shooter Extreme - extreme popping balls in an exciting ball game


Doesn't the name of Bubble Shooter Extreme sound a bit like an oxymoron? You might think so, were it not for how extremely addictive the fun is. Shooting colorful balls at the garlands of bubbles floating in the air is fun and extremely rewarding. A simple mechanism is based on ejecting ammunition in a specific direction, so that they end up in a cluster of identical color. Violet, orange, blue, red, green… - they should all find their home in the Bubble Shooter Extreme game. When mated with companions of the same species, they disappear, leaving gaps. Your task is, of course, to remove all of them, preferably in the fewest number of throws.


Bubble Shooter Extreme is simple and requires no special preparation. However, it is worth considering before each move. Remember that by aiming at the side walls of the panel with the board, you will make the ball bounce off them, changing the path of movement. At the bottom left, there's a little hint of what color is waiting for its turn, and you'll be targeting it next. It can also influence your small strategic decisions during the game.


Bubble games such as Bubble Shooter Extreme are so easy and fun that children can also join them. Common entertainment will surely bring you a lot of laughter and positive emotions. By the way, you can try to explain to your little ones the basic laws of physics that will surely be useful in the future.

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