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Several game genres belong to the pool of games for adults. They have one thing in common - for various reasons, they are not intended for children, but for people aged 18, and they will not appeal to everyone, e.g. a person with faint nerves or who does not like the sight of blood.

Brutal shooters or fights are games for adults that will surely provide a lot of emotions for amateurs of strong emotions. However, if you prefer to risk your fortune over fighting to the death - try your hand at one of the casino games such as poker, roulette or blackjack. In them, instead of your character's health, you can lose the entire pool of virtual tokens.

Erotic role-playing games will take the player into the middle of the world straight from adult films. The goal of the game is to make successive, erotic conquests or to create a movie star. Some games of this type are multiplayer and allow you to combine them with other players' avatars.

Some adult-only games can scare even the toughest guy. A world straight from a horror movie, a suspenseful plot and scary sounds create a unique atmosphere - it will fuel many people's fear! That is why these games are available to players from 18 years of age for a reason.

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