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Fire and Water - what matters is cooperation

Fire and Water games are a cute and very nice proposition for everyone. In all versions, you need to smoothly move through the boards filled with platforms to finally find yourself at the appropriately marked door. The blue form of water and red fire are small, fast-moving and very agile creatures. Along the way, they collect diamonds, encountered while completing the challenges.

In games like Fire and Water, cooperation is the most important. Regardless of whether you play alone or invite a companion or companion to the game, characters must cooperate with each other, otherwise they cannot pass any level. You have to move around by moving levers, clicking buttons and activating trapdoors or elevators. All this to reach the goal together. Use arrows to move Fire, and Water - using the WASD key combination. Remember that the heroes can touch each other, but the Water is harmed by lava, and the Fire is harmed by lakes and puddles.

Fireboy and Watergirl games have several parts, and they are all equally interesting. Crystal Temple, Elements or Fairy Tales, which can literally be translated as fairy tales. In this last version, in addition to the main characters, you have magic, friendly characters who can open, launch or move various things. Each game has its own map, and there are a lot of branches - they mean new levels. You decide for yourself which route you take through this magical universe of the elements.



aplikacja mobilna