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Solitaire Legend

4003 RATINGS | RATING: 4.9

About the game Solitaire Legend

Solitaire Legend is a world famous puzzle card game that has been loved by countless people.


The logical card game Solitaire Legend is an extensive online solitaire, which will surely satisfy every person who likes this kind of fun. The traditional game is to arrange classic cards, by suit from the youngest to the oldest - Ace> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> 9> 10> Jack> Queen> King. Solitaire Legend has many options to choose from - you can change the appearance of the cards, the background and the rules of the game, which must be unlocked by collecting coins that are a reward for each completed session. The game itself is constantly scored and only the best will achieve a high score by making as few moves as possible. Play now and see if you will love the great game that Online Solitaire is sure to be.


  • Online solitaire card puzzle game
  • Two modes of dealing cards
  • Lots of options to change the look of the board and unlockable cards
  • A game judged by flawless plays
  • Peaceful, relaxing gameplay
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