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Online chess is a great time to spend for everyone. The youngest will learn the rules and practice their logical thinking skills and learn about various strategies, while the most persistent chess players will have the opportunity to meet opponents from around the world and compete with them. The innovative system for calculating the ranking (ELO) will allow you to play games with chess players of similar skills, thanks to which the game will have an equal level.

This is not the end of the advantages of computer chess played in the browser or on the phone. Chess engines have also been used as teachers for years and tell players the best moves or indicate mistakes. Thanks to this, even grandmasters are able to improve their skills using chess programs.

Chess in OnlyGames allows you to choose the type of game - from blitz and speed chess (the game lasts even a few minutes, and the player has a few seconds to make a move), to known, among others classic chess from the series "Queen's Gambit", in which a single game can last many hours.

aplikacja mobilna