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ONET Connect Classic

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About the game ONET Connect Classic

ONET Connect Classic - fun (not only) for the youngest

Colorful, cute puzzles created for children are fun that is hard to resist. You glance and immediately see several places where you can find a pair, and the pretty pictures only encourage you to keep browsing. Start by deciding what kind of elements will be on the cards - animals, sweets or colorful fruits? Look carefully at them, because it may turn out that variants of a particular type will be more visible to you. ONET Connect Classic is an enjoyable game in every aspect.

Let's say you bet on pets... Look at all those lost foxes, bears and exotic birds and help them find nice company. Just click on both elements to put them together - just like in a classic Mahjong game. Make sure, however, that you choose only those elements that could be connected with a maximum double broken line. Otherwise it won't be possible.

Having trouble completing the game? Animals/sweets/fruits hide from your sight and prevent you from completing the level? No problem - use two excellent lifebuoys to help you get out of a difficult situation. One of them is a magnifying glass that you can use several times: it simply cleverly shows you where the steam is. The second is the option of shuffling, i.e. rearranging the tiles that already fit on the board - thanks to this, a refreshed layout will be created, and you will no longer have a problem with the previous one, which was inconvenient.

Although ONET Connect Classic is light and fun, please note that the timer starts at the beginning of the game. If you do not fit in the set ceiling, it may turn out that you will be eliminated from the game, losing the opportunity to complete the level. So focus on the goal, strain your eyes and approach the task professionally. This kind of fun allows you to practice patience, but also reflexes coupled with mindfulness. It helps to calm down and also concentrate on the set goal.

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