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O grze Rummikub

Rummikub Online - original fun for everyone

Do you like a bit of healthy competition? Puzzle games are your fairy tale? Then you probably know Rummikub? If not - what are you waiting for, turn it on and test it, because it is definitely something for you. The mechanism is simple, but extremely interesting: you have dice with colored numbers at your disposal, which you alternate with other players in series (at least three dice of one color) or groups (dice of different colors but with the same numbers).

It sounds simple, but it opens up a number of possibilities for combining and clever manipulations. Something just right for strict minds!

Rummikub Online is a great opportunity to exercise your brain - the online version also imposes significant time limits, so you need to summarize your thought process. The game ends when one of the players gets rid of all of their dice or when there are no more dice in the pool called the bank. By playing online, you can learn and combine, without the need to lecture, count or clean up. Pure pleasure!

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aplikacja mobilna