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About the game Home Makeover Hidden Object

Home Makeover Hidden Object - renovation team fun

If you know and like (or just don't know yet and want to see if you like) Hidden Object games - be sure to check out this nice version. Home Makeover Hidden Object is a game in which your task is to prepare an old house for renovation by finding hidden elements. Help Emma (the future interior designer) clean up her grandparents' house by finding items to sell during the garage sale. Collect the coins that you will receive for this and later exchange them for new, modern home furnishings.

The Home Makeover Hidden Object game has an unquestionable advantage in the form of a storyline. The story that you become a part of as a player is engaging on many levels. It is not enough just to click on the right object, there are many more tasks ahead of you. Train your perceptiveness by tidying up the cobwebbed rooms. Then go to the loft full of surprises and find items that someone would like to buy. Set aside money that you will then spend on renovating an old house.

The stage of creating new decorations will be fascinating for all those who like to play designer, choose colors and patterns, and in The Sims spend most of their time preparing houses for their Sims. If you are one of them or you just want to find out about it, let yourself be drawn into the renovation of the hovel. Have fun!

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