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At work, at school, sometimes at home - each of us is sometimes looking for a way to pass the time. In such a situation, simple online computer games can be useful. You do not need to download or install them, just launch the game service - OnlyGames - choose a game and enjoy a pleasant gameplay.

The best games to kill time are the ones that will not tire the player with numerous puzzles and logical rules. Simple gameplay, repeatability of levels and nice graphics are more appreciated in them - this is the shortest way to real relaxation in front of the screen.

The most popular games to kill time are those of the type:

  • balls - the player shoots the balls on the board to arrange them by colors. Then they disappear and we get points.
  • match 3 - which consists in arranging the pictures so that they form a line consisting of identical symbols.
  • tetris, ships, pacman - simple retro games in which you'll complete the levels the first time around.
  • for boys, races and running away from dinosaurs, and for girls, playing stylist or designer - dressing up or decorating the house.

The above categories of browser games, as well as many others, will not let you get bored quickly, in addition, they will practice our dexterity and good memory.

aplikacja mobilna