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Ludo Legend

Surely you know the classic Ludo, also known by names such as the classic "Chinaman" or "Man, don't be irritated!" If not - you will learn the rules in no time. Ludo Legend is a graphically simple game, but equipped with everything you need, which is a browser version of the well-known board game. There can be from 2 to 4 players, it is up to you to decide whether you control one or several characters (in fact: colors). You name your player and try to complete the task of circling the entire board with four pieces of one color and placing them in the house.

Ludo Legend allows you to play against real opponents or with a machine. Due to the layout, it will also be perfect for using your smartphone or tablet in the browser. Remember that Ludo Legend is ruthless - hitting the same square as another player will end up kicking him back to the start! It can also happen to you, so beware of your rivals and roll the dice well - the higher the numbers, the faster you will reach the base.

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