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KrisMas Mahjong


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About the game KrisMas Mahjong

Krismas Mahjong - a Christmas puzzle

Classic Mahjong game is ageless fun of dismantling a pile of colored tiles with different symbols. Varied versions, such as Krismas Mahjong, bring a breath of freshness in the form of themed star decorations on blocks. So, of course, we will find a Christmas tree, Santa's hat, bells, snowflakes, wreaths, snowmen and cookies. Try to find matching tiles and figure out the entire board before time runs out!

Krismas Mahjong is a great way to relax when you need to rest for a while in the heat of Christmas preparations. Relax your brain with light exercise, you'll see how nice it is! Or maybe you and your loved ones do not have an idea for one of the lazy Christmas evenings when the snow is falling outside the window?

Have a family mahjong competition in Krismas Mahjong! Simple rules will be easily adopted by even the youngest, and charming, Christmas references will make you stay in a nice, Christmas atmosphere.

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