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Reversi Mania


About the game Reversi Mania

Reversi Mania is an old puzzle game, also known as "Othello". It was most popular in the mid-nineteenth century, but even today it has its faithful fans.

Players alternately place their stones on the board - one white and the other black. If one of them manages to block (along a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line) the opponent's pieces, they automatically change color and from now on belong to him. Such taking over pieces is a duty in "Reversi Mania". You cannot make a move without capturing at least one piece. The game is won by the player who will have more pieces of his color when the entire board is filled.

The game "Reversi Mania" has the advantage that it allows you to compete with both a live opponent and the computer (which turns out to be a demanding rival). Its advantage is also convenient control and clear graphics. In 2009, a Pole, Miłosz Cupiał, became the European Champion in Reversi. Who knows, maybe you'll enjoy the game so much that you'll follow in his footsteps?

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