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Bubble Game 3

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O grze Bubble Game 3

Do you know the "smash all the colored balls" games? Bubble Game 3 is one of them. You shoot a ball / ball in one of the colors to the stacks hanging above you and smash it by connecting at least three elements of the same color. Simple, logical and extremely addictive balls! In Bubble Game 3, the fun becomes a bit more difficult with each new level, so as to keep the level of fun and light challenge. Watch your pace - if you act too slowly, sluggishly, or ineffectively, the bubbles will keep growing and growing until you are finally overwhelmed by a rainbow and game over.


Bubble Game 3 presents you with an enjoyable challenge that allows you to relax, but at the same time exercise your neurons. Try to arrange the bubbles in such a way that breaking them is the most effective, quick and spectacular. Invite your friends to the game and challenge them to a duel on your devices - who is the most effective in smashing colored balls and is the master of bubble tactics in Bubble Game 3?


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