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Hidden Object Insects


About the game Hidden Object Insects

Hidden Object Insects is a game from the hidden object search series. This colorful version is an excellent proposition for children who thus have an interesting opportunity to develop perceptiveness and reaction speed. Remember to pay attention to the precise details of each of the elements you are looking for - hitting them with what you are looking for will deduct valuable points from your treasury!

Hidden Object Insects has fabulous graphics, and the main theme is, of course, the title insects and their environment. Each level is a new picture with an increasing level of complexity and amount of details, and a new challenge. Look for ladybirds, spiders, butterflies, caterpillars and colorful flowers, collect points and remove padlocks on the next challenges. Remember that you have to fit in time! In the panel on the right, there are always objects to find and it is worth paying attention to the accompanying numbers - sometimes you need two butterflies and only one beetle, or vice versa. Don't be tempted by worms that are not on your list!

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