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Fruit Mahjong


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About the game Fruit Mahjong

Fruit Mahjong - for fans and fans of fruit cocktails

Do you like matching games? Then you must have come across various versions of the classic Eastern puzzle called Mahjong. In the basic edition, you deal with blocks that are covered with mysterious symbols. You have to find two identical ones and in this way successively get rid of all elements from your field of vision. However, there are a few tricks - they must first of all be accessible, i.e. not covered by other blocks.

In the case of browser games, the matter is made easier in various respects. Not only do you not have to have the game at home, but you can also choose different versions at any time of the day or night, in various combinations. Are you bored with the variant with butterfly wings? Bet on some fairy tale characters! And then move on to Fruit Mahjong, which is a fruit matching game of course. Appetizing pineapples, cherries, kiwi, pomegranates or bananas together with tomatoes, eggplants and peppers, as well as gradually emerging new elements must be sorted in the traditional way, i.e. in pairs.

Note that there are many levels to complete in this version of the game. Each of them has newer and newer additions - so there are not only additional species of fruits and vegetables, but also the layout of the blocks changes, and they move after making a move. This may make it easier or harder to play, but it will certainly make it interesting and exciting. Fruit Mahjong won't bore you for sure. Can you make it through the whole thing?

It should also be remembered that pairs cannot be created in a random way - the given tablets must be in such a position that hypothetically it is possible to draw a maximum double-broken line between them. Click both - and tick, they will disappear, leaving a wider field for further maneuvering. If you have trouble spotting the next pair, don't worry - you can use the magnifying glass a few times per level.

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