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Mahjong Titans


About this game

Mahjong, an elegant puzzle originating in distant China, has received a lot of reinterpretation. Deservedly - despite the fact that it has been known for a very, very long time, it still does not get bored and there are many willing people who spend long hours perfecting their perceptiveness and sharpness of mind. Also in Mahjong Titans, the cubes arranged in a well-thought-out structure must be placed in such a way that there is nothing left on the virtual table. You will do this by finding pairs. Don't fall for fake twins - some look deceptively alike!

If Eastern culture is not close to you, distinguishing symbols from the beginning will probably not be so simple and obvious. Thanks to this, you will train your brain to be perceptive and provide great entertainment to your gray cells. Mahjong Titans has traditional rules whereby the bricks you choose must not be too surrounded (you would not be able to move them) or covered by other elements.

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