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Mahjong Titans


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About the game Mahjong Titans

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Thanks to games, you can move to other fascinating worlds. What if you were in a distant country like China? Mahjong Titans is a great choice for all lovers of the Far East and Chinese culture. Mahjong is an extremely elegant puzzle with a long tradition and a unique atmosphere, so if you haven't had the opportunity to try your hand so far, this is the perfect time.

The basic principle of Mahjong Titans is to match tiles showing the same picture. Observation will definitely come in handy as the pictures - flowers, birds or authentic Chinese characters - often differ only in details, so be careful! Moreover, not all blocks can be moved from the beginning. They are arranged in a pyramid, so you reveal more layers and more drawings, and only available blocks can be combined in pairs. Your goal is to clear the board completely, so plan your next move carefully. If you pick the blocks in the wrong order, you won't reveal all the pictures and you won't be able to finish the game! Don't worry about the time - there's no timer on the screen, so you can focus properly.

Thanks to Mahjong Titans you will move in time and space, honing your skills until you reach the title of champion. The lack of background music will allow you to concentrate better, and thanks to the sounds of sliding tiles, you will feel the atmosphere better. Despite its long history, Mahjong still attracts more fans who fall in love with the characteristic style of illustrations and return to the game many times.


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