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Bubble Shooter 2020


About the game Bubble Shooter 2020

Bubble Shooter 2020 - a browser classic in a new edition


If you like classic games like Bubble Shooter but are looking for a version with truly unique, delightfully cute graphics - Bubble Shooter 2020 is definitely something for you. A lovely game in which your task is traditionally to drop colored bubbles hanging over the character throwing at them, in this version it has a graphic design with cute raccoons.


Using glistening balls, hit the bubble garlands in such a way as to knock as many of them as possible in one go. Match at least 3 to make it possible (although you usually manage to drop much more with one roll). In this version you are a cute raccoon, tasked with freeing the little sheds from bubbles. When it is successful, the children fly to the ground with parachutes and land in the safe arms of their parents.


Bubble Shooter 2020 is not only a cute, but also kind of educational version of the bubble shooter game. If you decide to show it to your children, they will certainly catch the basic rules in no time, thanks to which it will be possible to progress through the levels. Check out the best way to bounce the ball to get it where you want it. As you earn points, you also gain the option of using additional options such as a longer trajectory throw, color swap, or a rainbow ball that goes with everything. Use them wisely and ensure a fantastic result together with your child. And safe raccoon kids!

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