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Board games - classic entertainment in the online model

Loose afternoon and time for a portion of entertainment? Board games are an idea that sounds very promising to many people. Even if you don't have a single board or pawns at hand, so you're ready to play online. Only Games has everything your heart desires, and it's completely free. Sit comfortably in the armchair, start having fun. There are plenty of iconic titles waiting for you, but also some new ones. What will you take first?

Chess, for example in the Chess Mania version, is a proposition for those who like to brainstorm. This absolute classic will tear you apart, but it can also be hard at the same time. It certainly teaches logical thinking, scheming, developing strategies and reasonable competition. At a more advanced level, fierce competition is involved, as well as high-level strategy planning. For example, 3D Chess or Chess Master are board games that you can turn on at any time of the day or night. You'll always find a companion, plus you'll never have to clean up after your game. Just close the window; please, no headache.

The big advantage of choosing board games online is also the fact that you don't have to keep dozens of boxes at home to always find a way to spend your time in an interesting way. You always have everything at your fingertips, and you're just one click away from great fun, or with your finger on the touchscreen if you prefer. Another cult proposition is, of course, Ludo - also called Chinese, Pacheesi or more descriptively "Man, don't get irritated!". In the Ludo Friends version, you will play against the best opponents, whether you have friends with you or not.

If you don't remember what this top proposition in the board games category is all about, it won't take you long to remember the rules. There are four colors of pawns, representing four players (but there can be 2-4 in a single game) - red, green, yellow and blue. The goal is to transport all your players from point A to point B in the most compact, safe way possible. And how to do it? The old, good method of throwing the dice bows down - as many meshes appear in a given throw, you move forward at once by that many squares. Note that so-called malicious interaction is allowed; if you run into another player, you can, figuratively speaking, blow them off the board by taking them back to the starting line. Great fun guaranteed!

Amazing Dominoes is something for the patient and attentive. The characteristic blocks with eyelets, i.e. the well-known dominoes, are not only something to be arranged in rows, but also a source of great competitive fun. In this case, you have five classic modes at your disposal - Muggins, Draw, Block, Sevastopol and Bergen. Also choose how many players there will be, as well as what point pool you need to get to win. Do you prefer turn-based or round-based settlement? The whole thing is based on estimating which sides of the blocks will be best put together - the key is a perfect match ...

Among the classics in the category of board games, there is also the younger sister of classic chess, i.e., of course, checkers. Bet on Casual Checkers if you want to have fun and maybe a little bit competitive, but don't put your brain on alert due to the high level of game complexity and the need to constantly analyze the individual path of movement of each piece on the board. Checkers is a simple thing, the so-called short ball - two colors, diagonal fields, short lines of movement and the ability to mow opponents in ruthless mode. So when are you starting?

An interesting option is also the well-known Backgammon - set yourself up for fun full of laughter and healthy, pleasant competition. The 24 triangular squares placed on the board mark the bases for the pawns of both players. The goal is, as with the Chinese, to carry all your elements from one point to another. In the meantime, for this purpose, he rolls the dice and ... by the way attacks the opponent's pieces. A double means a second throw!

aplikacja mobilna