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Fruit Connect

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About the game Fruit Connect

Fruit Connect - A game known as yield to yield

A hard day behind you or just ahead of you? Do you need to relax with a game that does not require excessive intellectual effort from you, but is simply entertaining? The Mahjong matching game in a charming fruity and floral edition is a proposition that should appeal to you - Fruit Connect invites you to delicious, refreshing fun! The rules are simple - on a board filled with squares, you have to find fields with identical fruits or other plants and simply mark them with the cursor. Each pair you hit means points on your account!

Note that it is not enough just to search for a complete set - just like the classic Mahjong game, you have to select tiles that you can select. They can lie side by side or in a straight line, and the maximum complication of the route between them must be limited to a double-broken line. It is not possible to combine lemons or blue roses in this way? Try to eliminate the other tiles in between to create a little more space for your activities. That's what Fruit Connect is all about!

However, to keep the balance (it can't be too easy), there is a rainbow stripe at the top of the window. It is there for a reason - its movement obviously means the passage of time, and when the whole thing is exhausted, the game is surrendered! After that, unfortunately, you won't be able to finish it. So focus your attention and strain your eyes when looking for the perfect matches - they are out there somewhere!

If you have a huge problem finding a pair, you can always use the small but very helpful lifebuoy - do you see this little magnifying glass on the left side of the board? You are feeling good, this is the chance to help with Fruit Connect! Click on this element to get a hint - two bricks that you can put together will light up. Sometimes such a small hint means that you can continue to move the hoof and finish all the fun once or twice!

There are as many as 9 levels, and each one is slightly different, so be prepared for a lot of attractions.

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