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Robert Lewandowski, Robert Kubica and Robert Korzeniowski - what do they have in common? At OnlyGames, thanks to sports games, you can play each of them without leaving your home ... Wait a minute - does anyone know the game about sports walking?

Football and hockey managers, managing a Formula 1 team, running a career as a ski jumper or an MMA player - just a few clicks to feel the atmosphere of sports competition! Sports games combine many game genres, and the common feature is the ability to compete in the championship as a player or manage an entire sports club!

There are many sports, just as many games are about sports and many of them are free. From trying to use (or defending!) A penalty kick, to running a soccer team, selling T-shirts and making transfers of players - sports games give you the opportunity to test yourself in a variety of roles.

The most popular sports games are aimed at football, MMA, basketball and winter sports fans - downhill skiing, biathlon and ski jumping. As the game progresses, however, the tasks to be performed become more and more difficult, and the opponents - more and more powerful. Just like playing sports - playing sports games requires training and learning new skills.

aplikacja mobilna