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Mahjong Connect


O grze Mahjong Connect

Probably everyone who is even a bit interested in games has encountered some kind of mahjong game on their way. This classic puzzle with a centuries-old history is still hugely popular, and figuring out it can be quite a challenge. Mahjong Connect is based on the typical rules of the game - you look for matching blocks / tiles / what you want to name them, click and cycle - they disappear, reducing the pile. Your goal is to break it down (i.e. get rid of all the elements) in the shortest possible time.


Mahjong Connect has as many as 12 addictive levels of varying difficulty. Delicate music makes the fun more pleasant (or makes it unpleasant - if you don't like it, just mute it), and nice, colorful pictures affect the level of concentration. It is thanks to its simplicity and interesting, elegant graphics that Mahjong is loved by thousands of players around the world. Get carried away with this version of Mahjong Connect and play whenever you feel like it and self-denial - it's not always as easy as it sounds!

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