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Three of the same symbols arranged by the player in one line are the key to success in the "match 3" games. Match three of the same markers, make the line disappear, then you will get points! The best players in this browser hit among computer games have achieved the mastery and can arrange three symbols in one line for many hours. The ability to save your progress in the game and continue the game later is a big advantage of this single-player game.

The symbols on the board vary depending on the selected title. They are often diamonds, jewels, balls of different colors and bubbles. In versions for children, the stamps show heroes from fairy tales, all in a beautiful, colorful graphic design. OnlyGames is a site where you will surely find the perfect game from the "Three in a Line" series.

Three in a line games are as popular as balls and bubble shooter, they are certainly in the "TOP" ranking of favorite games of many people, regardless of age, because it is fun for the whole family, both for children and adults. All thanks to very clear rules and the increasing difficulty level with increasing levels.

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