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About the game Hearts

Hearts - play with your heart and outsmart others

The rules of Hearts are quite simple - one player plays a card and the next players add theirs of the same color. If they don't have one, they can use any. The player with the highest value in the color of the first card collects all of them and places the next one.

Easy? Sure! There is only one catch. In Hearts, the cards with the title hearts are worth 1 negative point each. And if that was not enough, the queen of spades is such a femme fatale and she adds as many as 13 of them! The game ends when one of the players collects 100 points, and the one with the least points wins.

The Hearts game provides excitement, a sense of constant suspicion of conspiracies, and advanced combinatorics. None of the cards played were played by chance, so you must always find out why your opponent made such a move. Be the best of 4 people. Be the smartest at the table. The championship is to collect all 13 hearts and queen of spades. Why? Then the scoring rules reverse and everyone except you gets them. Wait no more: you have to play to win!

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