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About the game Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object

Train your perceptiveness and dexterity with the new, improved version of Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object. The extensive story mode will keep you playing for hours, and before you know it, you'll have an entire afternoon. You will surely like the variety of tasks: in the game you will not only clean and decorate the house, but above all you will play the seller at the flea market, and show entrepreneurship in managing finances intended for real estate improvements.

In the story mode of Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object, your task is to help the lovable heroine reclaim her dead uncle's house. The property should first be cleaned, and then get rid of unnecessary items lying in it; there is no better opportunity to do so than at a flea market. Your next task will be to find the items that your neighbors have come to buy. The task will be hindered by the measured time, as well as the impatience of potential customers. Finding some objects can be particularly difficult, then it is worth using the hint you are entitled to.

For the money earned in this way, you will make the once beautiful property by the river regain its former splendour. Manage your budget wisely, because there are many rooms, and each of them is waiting for renovation. Replace floors, walls and furniture, while not forgetting your main task: to find the missing deed that will allow the heroine to regain her permanent home. Level by level, the challenges are getting harder and time is running out, so get ready for some really challenging gameplay!

Pleasant to the eye, cartoon graphics do not get boring even after a long time. Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object is a game for hours - passing the story mode unlocks more, including the unlimited mode, which will help you focus fully on puzzles that test your perceptiveness. The controls are very simple - all you need is a mouse. The game is in English, which will allow you to train your linguistic skills.

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