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Klondike Pasjand is quite a popular type of solitaire that has been attracting players all over the world for years. This is a card game that some may find quite complicated at first. However, with time, when the rules of the game are learned and several games are played, it all starts to make sense and can drag you into it for longer.

Interestingly, over the years, the Klondike solitaire has significantly evolved, which results in the creation of completely new varieties that may differ to a greater or lesser extent from its original.

Klondike solitaire rules

If we want this game to really enjoy us for a long time, we need to learn the rules of Klondike solitaire . Although they may seem complicated at first for someone who has never played solitaire, when we start trying them in practice during the real game, we quickly learn the basics.

Other types of solitaire

Klondike solitaire is not the only type of solitaire that is popular, it is also worth paying attention to these:

If Klondike solitaire turned out to be interesting for us, then these varieties of solitaire may also be interesting.

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