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Island of Games - a range of great opportunities

Among browser games, some people look for complicated and complex positions in which they can face various tasks, many levels, amazing twists, or numerous elements to be grasped. Others, on the other hand, prefer simplicity and minimalism. The Island of Games is a proposition for the latter - you will find here a number of options perfect for having fun during a break from work or study, as well as a way to relax with your favorite music, podcast or audiobook on a long, cool evening when you do not want to move from under the blanket .

Yield to Yield, also known as Mahjong Fruit Connect, is one of the games offered by Game Island. This does not mean, of course, that its level of difficulty is very low, only the task itself is not associated with any particular challenge. In front of you are colorful blocks with various fruits and plants that you need to pair in a clever way - so that you can draw a triple broken line between them. Time is limited and levels are a lot, so you will not get bored with it soon.

Another option of a similarly simple nature that you can also play comfortably on a small screen (e.g. a smartphone) is Sort Hoop. The stands for colored rings must be elegantly color-ordered, but to do this, you need to strain your brain a bit - you can't drop them on the floor or any "waiting room" in the meantime. Try to make as few moves as possible!

aplikacja mobilna