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Who would have thought that, among the many online arcade games, Bubbles would become one of the most popular. Shooting them from the launcher and watching the chain reaction that takes place when the adjacent balls are properly arranged can draw you for many hours, and players come back to such games very often. It is a great way to spend time during a break from school or work, and simple rules make it entertainment for the whole family.

The rules of the game Bubbles are very simple - the player uses the buttons or the mouse to control the multi-colored ball launcher. The launcher is at the bottom of the screen, and at the top of the screen there are randomly arranged balls whose colors match those in the launcher. The player's task in shooting bubbles is to properly aim the shots so that they form a group of adjacent balls of the same color. If this group has 3 or more bubbles, it disappears. You have to repeat this with all the colors on the board, because getting rid of all the colored balls means you have successfully completed the level.

At first glance, these rules are very simple, but subsequent levels of games, such as Bubble Shooter Extreme, are full of additional difficulties on the board. Fortunately, with the appearance of obstacles, the player gets special balls that have additional functions - they explode when bubbles are touched, or they make balls of any color disappear.

However, completing the next levels is usually quite easy, and it is not that special to complete several hundred more levels of Bubbles.

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