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Strategy games - develop the best plan and defeat your opponent wisely!

If you like to win big, strategy games are just for you. Be the architect of the most effective war machine in history or heroically defend your territory from the invasions of foreign armies - these and other experiences will provide you only with the best strategy games that will make you feel like an outstanding commander!

Strategy games are one of the most classic and important genres in gaming history. They were inspired by, among others, role-playing board games, containing a lot of diverse units and resources to be used in creating the best strategy to defeat the opponent. Now you can experience a similar adventure on any device - whether it's a laptop or desktop computer, as well as a smartphone or even a tablet.

There are several types of strategy games. The first is war games, thanks to which you can become the commander of various types of troops - from medieval armies to futuristic battalions. Some of the productions, such as Call of Tanks, are focused on a specific type of army - armored units. Others, such as Medieval Defense, focus on reproducing the heroic battles of medieval armies. Artillery fans will love Battleships: Armada, and fans of gloomy future warfare will love Conflict of Nations. There are also a number of other war games available that will appeal to any lover of strategy games.

Another category is economic games, most often involving building your own civilization, kingdom or city, acquiring resources and using the environment to build the most efficient economy. Such strategy games are, for example, Merge Dreams or Babel Tower. A specific variety of strategy games are also tower defense productions, in which the player focuses solely on defending a specific, designated area with the use of increasingly complex tools.

If you're new to the strategy game genre, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. The first is to pay attention to the amount of resources - no matter if in a given production they are measured with gold, coins or wood or natural resources. The basis for the construction of any structures is the right number of supplies. So you have to constantly and in every way take care of the material condition of your campaign. Different strategy games present a number of ways to accumulate resources - it can be conquering opponents, exploiting deposits or traveling far to discover new resources. Use all opportunities wisely and think long term. Don't confuse strategy with tactics!

A useful piece of advice is also to measure your strength against your intentions. If you're going to attack an enemy, you'll need to carefully assess their military strength and resources, and then compare that data with your capabilities. Try to build such troops against which the enemy will not be able to defend himself. Build your bases and cities in hard-to-reach areas in such a way that attacking them causes logistical problems. This will make it easier for you to defend your city or base against any invader. Modern strategy games are governed by similar rules as in the classics of yesteryear or board games - put them into practice in such a way that even the best-equipped opponent cannot defeat you.

If the strategy game allows it, try to create more than one resource management center. It's always good to have a backup city or base, so that in case of a failure in a fight with the enemy, you can retreat and plan a counterattack from another base. Of course, every strategy game is governed by slightly different rules and it will not be possible everywhere.

If you want to experience unforgettable adventures as a commander in strategy games, do not hesitate - victory over your opponent is at your fingertips!

aplikacja mobilna