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Poki - a mine of gaming opportunities

There are plenty of places to play on the Internet - the Poki service is also associated with the offers of online games. Most of them are simple, colorful and really simple - you will easily understand their rules during the first game, a short tutorial is enough. So if you have some spare time with which you don't know what to do, find your new addictive game or fire up your favorite classic to relax a little while having fun.

One of the options you'll find under the Poki slogan is Microsoft Jewel, which is the perfect Candy Crush Saga alternative for dieters. Instead of colorful sweets, there are multi-colored, shimmering diamonds, which also tempt conquerors. What is your job? Matching identical instances to each other, in rows or rows with at least three elements. In each level, you have a precise task that you must complete, and for completing it you will receive a full bonus. Remember that the difficulty level goes up!

Another browser classic that you can also find under the Poki slogan is Bubble Shooter Pro of course. Here, too, you have to match at least three elements to each other, taking into account the color of the balls on the board. Shoot accurately to drop them all to the ground and be careful not to get stuck in a hopeless situation. You can decide if you want to play beginner, expert or master level - it will all come with time!

aplikacja mobilna