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Four Colors Multiplayer


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About the game Four Colors Multiplayer

Four Colors is a card game based on simple color matching rules. This is a puzzle game that requires us to focus and think logically, although a bit of luck will undoubtedly not hurt either. Sometimes you have to really think about your next move, which makes it definitely a game for the patient.

The rules of the Four Colors game

Each player can only take action during their turn. When placing a card on the pile, he must make sure that it matches the color of the card already in the pile. As an alternative to color matching, you can also match by card number.

There are also special action cards in Four Colors and different rules may apply to them.

Action cards in Four Colors

Draws Two : You may draw an additional two cards with "+2". In this case, the player whose turn comes after yours loses his turn and must also draw two cards.

Skip Card : By using this action card, the next player's turn is forfeited.

Reverse Card : Allows you to reverse the order of play.

Wild Card : This is a special type of card that matches all suits and can therefore be used no matter what color is on the stack.

Draw Fourth Wild Card : This card has the "+4" symbol and works similarly to the "Draw Two" card, except that in this case you are already talking about drawing four cards, which also applies to the next player. You can only use this type of action card when you have no other cards to play on your turn.

How to win at Four Colors?

To win in Four Colors it is necessary to press the "+1" button, but only if you have only one card. If you miss this moment, it becomes necessary to draw two more cards.

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