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About the game Rooms Hidden Numbers

Rooms: Hidden Numbers - number madness

Another proposition from the "Hidden Objects" series, in a slightly different edition. So how is it different from the classic browser hide-and-seek with various items? Well, in Rooms: Hidden Numbers, as the name suggests, we are dealing not with hidden objects, but numbers from 1 to 10. You could say that it is a bit boring, but only at first glance. Even though you know in advance what elements you need to look for in each board because they are identical, it doesn't make the game too easy. On the contrary - it can slightly lull your vigilance, which will have a negative impact on your efficient operation.

Rooms: Hidden Numbers consists of several levels with a different visual arrangement. We are located in rooms with different styles and décor, full of elements where it is easy to hide our title numbers. Ultimately, they blend well enough with the background that you have to look hard to see them. Challenge yourself to complete all the levels, or use the game as a great training and number revision opportunity for your kids. If they are just starting their adventure with mathematics, such fun will certainly be useful to them.

Note: Time is running out and it's also quite fast! If you fail to complete the set of numbers: game over! Of course, you can start the task again, as browser games are a lot forgiving. During the game, the task is definitely facilitated by a clear indicator reminding you what else you need to look for. So let's go!

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