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Bubble Hit


About the game Bubble Hit

Probably the most popular browser game of all time in a simple and customizable version. Banal rules mean that you can immediately sit in front of the computer for a tactical game. Bubble hit puts you through a challenging level of difficulty without any formalities.

From the very first shot at Bubble Hit, you can notice that not 3, not 4, not even 5, but as many as 6 different colors are waiting for a clever shot! Anyone who knows the game knows how many complications and opportunities are caused by the mere presence of so many colors. Who does not know - has a chance to find out!

The game Bubble hit focuses on availability from the moment you start the application, which means that you can stay for longer and often come back to the bubble challenge, because it only turns on for a few seconds. Remember that every 5 shots that do not break the balls, another layer is added and the existing bubbles are slightly mixed.

There is no place to rest from constant concentration here! Start the Bubble Hit game, customize your own background in your favorite color, get ready to have fun and plunge into the virtual bubble sea.

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