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Mahjong Games: Match the tiles and discover the magic of the Chinese puzzle!


History of Mahjong


The origins of Mahjong are shrouded in mystery, but the game most likely originated in China during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Initially, Mahjong was a gambling game intended for the elite. Over time, the rules of the game were simplified, and Mahjong became a popular pastime for people of all ages and social status. In the 20th century, Mahjong spread throughout the world. The game gained particular popularity in Japan, where many new variants of the game were developed. In Poland, Mahjong became known in the 1990s and has enjoyed unflagging interest since then.


Mahjong rules


Mahjong is a game for 2-4 players. Players use a set of 144 symbol tiles. Tiles are divided into three categories:

  • kosti: symbols 1 to 9 in three colors (bamboos, coins and signs)
  • dragons: green, red and white dragon
  • winds: east, south, west and north

The aim of the game is to score a certain number of points by combining tiles into pairs or sets. Tiles can be combined if they have the same symbol or if they are consecutive numbers in the same color. There are many different variants of Mahjong, but the basic rules of the game are always the same. Players take turns drawing and discarding tiles, trying to complete their melds. The game ends when one player reaches a certain number of points or when all tiles are discarded.


How to play Mahjong online?



  1. Click the "Play" button.
  2. The goal of the game is to remove pairs of identical tiles from the board.
  3. To remove a pair, click on both tiles.
  4. Tiles can be removed when they are connected to each other by a straight line vertically or horizontally.
  5. You can also remove non-adjacent tiles from the very top and the very bottom.
  6. If you are new to the game, it is worth using the "Hint" and "Undo" buttons to make the game easier.
  7. The game ends when you remove all the tiles from the board.
  8. The faster you complete the game, the more points you will receive.


Types of Mahjong


There are many different variants of Mahjong, each with its own specific rules. Here are some popular variants:

  • classic mahjong: this is the traditional version of the game with 144 tiles
  • Japanese mahjong: this version of the game uses 136 tiles and the rules are slightly simplified
  • American mahjong: this version of the game uses 108 tiles and the rules are greatly simplified
  • online mahjong: online games offer different game variants, including games with themes and bonuses


Mahjong games, why are they worth interested in?


Firstly, Mahjong games offer simple and fun gameplay. The rules of the game are easy to learn and the game itself is a lot of fun. It's great entertainment for people of all ages, from children to adults. Mahjong games are an excellent mental training. They develop perceptiveness, concentration and logical thinking. They help practice memory and problem-solving skills. You can play mahjong games online for free and without any restrictions. It's great entertainment for every budget. Mahjong offers tons of games to choose from. There are many different variants of Mahjong, each with its own specific rules. You can choose the one that suits you best.


Sample Mahjong games online


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