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When you feel like taking a break from work or study, instead of browsing the web, play free Mahjong. Are you traveling by train or bus? Practice your logical thinking with a short gameplay simulation of this Chinese traditional game. Interestingly, online gaming differs from the popular pastime of the Chinese.

The basic online Mahjong variant visually resembles the traditional game, i.e. it consists of white tiles with oriental patterns. Your task is to find pairs in this puzzle. You repeat this action until you get a clean field. The difficulty of the game is that there are several pieces of the same pattern, and additionally all the blocks are mixed up and superimposed on each other. For this reason, you have to strain your eyes and gray cells to choose the right tiles. When you manage to find a pair, it disappears from the playing field and the remaining blocks move. This means that the board has a different setting. It's not everything! To make the task more engaging, you have a certain amount of time to complete it. Depending on the selected game, you can earn points or use hints. In order not to end up with one game, you have several levels to complete. You can also find a 3D version of this game.

You don't have to play only Chinese Mahjong, because game developers have created many different variations on the example of this game. First of all, you can choose from many colorful elements. You're in a good mood? Play Fruit Mahjong. In this game, fruits and vegetables are grouped on a board. Your task is to match the lines so that a line, at most broken twice, leads to the individual fruits. Be careful, because after each identified pair, the remaining objects move. This means you have a whole new board look. You can also use hints here. You also have no time limit to solve the puzzle.

If you like games that require sharpening your eyesight, check out Butterfly Kyodai Deluxe. The game is distinguished by its beautiful graphics, and you have to match the wings of butterflies in pairs. When you complete the task, a colorful butterfly flies off the board. Insects are placed across its entire width and do not move when the pair is matched. As in previous games, you have the option of using hints. Here you can also freeze time, as well as change the arrangement of elements on the board. When diamonds are your thing, collect them in Jewels Connect. The game works in a similar way to playing with butterflies. An additional option that appears in it is the choice of difficulty level, i.e. easy, intermediate and hard.

Another different version inspired by Mahjong is the gameplay in which you do not match the pieces in pairs, but only select groups of identical symbols located next to each other. After the appropriate selection, the set disappears. Then an empty board or other elements hidden under it appear in this place. When you make a favorable move, more of them may automatically disappear. An example of such a game is Gorillas Titles Of The Unexpected.

There are also versions of Majhong for the youngest. Onet Connect Classic allows you to select objects on the tiles. The child can choose animals, sweets or fruits and also has fewer pairs to find. However, don't be fooled by the game's colorful visuals, as the rules are similar; there is, among other things, a time limit. This way you'll have to do some brainstorming to move on. Don't worry, you won't be left without help. You can help yourself with the preview of the pair three times, and also shuffle the board ... as many as 5 times! So what are you waiting for? To work!

As you can see, the online Mahjong game has several variations, so you can choose the title according to your preferences. You can choose static boards or more dynamic ones where the blocks move. The gameplay has an additional advantage, because while having great fun, you work on your concentration. And when you get stuck on any stage, use the lifebuoys to jump to the next level. Such entertainment will definitely work in any waiting room or queue, and it's free!

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