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Mahjong Dimensions


About the game Mahjong Dimensions

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Have you heard of the classic Mahjong puzzle game from the Far East? Then get ready for Mahjong Dimensions, which literally takes the fun to the next level! Whether you're a loyal fan of the original game or you're bored with the standard version and looking for more challenges, this title is perfect for you.

The basic rules refer to the usual Mahjong: press on pairs of identical blocks to finally get rid of them all from the board. However, Mahjong Dimensions requires not only perceptiveness, but also spatial imagination, because it provides three-dimensional gameplay. From simple figures made of cubic cubes, you will gradually move on to more complex ones. Remember that you cannot press an element that is blocked on both sides by another. You can freely rotate the construction to look for matching pictures.

In terms of graphics, Mahjong Dimensions focuses on modernity, clear symbols and strong colors. It is a pleasant breath of fresh air for the classic puzzle already known all over the world. Background music allows you to get into the atmosphere better, but you can turn it off at any time to focus on the game in silence.

Match identical symbols as fast as you can to advance to the next level of Mahjong Dimensions. Analyze the position of the blocks and then plan your moves well, because the wrong order will take away your chance of winning! When you find that nothing on the screen matches anymore, press the shuffle button. Every attempt is a step closer to mastery, so play as many times as you like. Mahjong Dimensions will broaden your horizons and change your approach to typical Mahjong forever!

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