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About the game Chess

Classic chess, that is logical struggle over a set of pawns, is a traditional, well-known game that needs no introduction to anyone. Chess in the version for your browser allows you to practice fun, even if you are not equipped with a home set of carved figures and a chessboard. The online version also speeds up the game and saves you having to clean up, find a place, worry that the cat rearranges the pieces ...


Chess allows you to play in multiplayer or single player mode - so if you have a companion you want to face in this logical challenge, choose the first one, and if you intend to train yourself - the second. The game has a nice table-like graphics, and due to the layout, it is also suitable for playing with a smartphone. Realistic sounds will make you feel like you are on a real board! Let yourself be carried away by the emotions that this incredibly complex game will provide you. Checkmate!

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aplikacja mobilna