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Bubble Shooter HD 2

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About the game Bubble Shooter HD 2

Bubble Shooter HD 2 - bubbles on a new level

Playing online marbles in your browser? This is great, because there are plenty of these types of games on Onlygames.io. Test Bubble Shooter HD 2 to see how exciting this fun can be. And it's not as simple as it might seem at first! Beautiful, even balls in six different colors are suspended in space, and your task is to knock them all down as cleverly as possible. You have a small crossbow at your disposal, from which you shoot bubbles. May they be accurate shots!

First, decide on what difficulty level you want to play. There are three available - Novice, Master and Expert, i.e. Novice, Master and Expert. There will always be time for a possible modification in the future, and in order not to get discouraged, start with one of the simpler levels. Unless you immediately feel like an expert in Bubble Shooter HD 2!

So how is the game technically going? Pay attention to what color the ball is on the crosshair. You want to hit with it the largest possible cluster of the same color, in such a way that there are at least three such copies in a given place. Such a move will make the balls fall and you will gain points. On the left, you also see a small preview of the next color - this may affect your next actions. Here, not only current actions count, but also a well-developed strategy. You have to take into account that every ball has to be placed somewhere, and if there is no option to make an accurate throw, the level of bubbles increases and they start dangerously close to the base line. If even one exceeds it - game over.

Combine and try, adhering to the basic laws of physics - bouncing the ball off the wall changes its trajectory, and can also be very useful during the game. In the top panel there is a score counter, while on the left side there is information about your current record. Let this result change with each game!

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