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Freecell Solitaire


About the game Freecell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire can be an interesting challenge for any fan of this type of games. Certainly, everyone who or spend their time playing solitaire has already dealt with many games of this type. What certainly drew attention were the differences between each of them, which had to be known each time to be able to fully enjoy the game.

It is no different in the case of Freecell, because before we start the game for good, it is worth spending a moment to learn a bit more about its rules.

Freecell Solitaire Rules

There is no doubt that patience is the key when talking about solitaires, and that is why we should be humble, especially when it comes to learning their rules. Yes, there may be people who will be good at stacking cards in this type of games from the very beginning. However, in many cases it will take time to get to know and, more importantly, understand the rules that govern the game here.

The key principles of Freecell Solitaire are that the player must alternate cards by color according to the hierarchy of cards (highest to lowest). In addition, you also need to remember about aces, which are intended for separate piles.

Where did the name Freecell Solitaire come from?

When analyzing the origin of the name of Freecell solitaire, it is worth noting that there are actually two words:

  • free - free / free
  • cell - cell / field

In this case, Freecell refers to free cells understood as additional fields for which we can keep cards that we do not need at the moment.

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