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About the game Master Chess Multiplayer

Classic, good old chess, that is the mastery of simplicity and complexity in one. Despite the passage of time - they do not age, a lot of thick books have been written about them, they have become the subject of studies, series, novels (Queen's Gambit!), And they still intrigue and attract.

Master Chess Multiplayer will allow you to face real opponents in this fascinating game. Do you know the rules? That's great. Not? Read and approach the game with humility - it will probably take you some time to reach the championship level!

Master Chess Multiplayer has beautiful graphics, imitating a real wooden table with a classic set of elegant chess pieces. You decide whether you want to play online multiplayer or alone - for example against a computer aka a robot.

Master Chess Multiplayer offers several difficulty levels to choose from when you play alone. Remember that the gameplay time affects your score! Stay away from your opponent and master the complex gameplay methods.

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