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Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected


About the game Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected

Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected - a musical challenge à la Mahjong

Are you a fan of Mahjong in various editions? Are you a fan of the band Gorillaz? Then Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected should quickly become your number one game! It is hard to find a better combination for a person with such interests. Admittedly, there is not that much music here (and you can always turn it off if you wish), but the differences between this game and the classic edition of the matching game are quite significant, but… Who cares about such little things!

In Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected, a board filled with motifs awaits you that will leave no doubts to true fans and fans of the band's atmosphere. Instruments, images of band members, references to album and album titles - everything is correct! Now you have to tame your admiration, and then strain your eyes, because a challenge awaits you.

There are three stages to the game. In addition, each subsequent one is a bit more difficult than the previous one. What's your mission in Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected? You must, of course, find tiles with identical pictures and mark them. In this case, however, it is not only about pairs - the more dice of the same type are next to each other, the better. You remove them with one neat click, and the entire cascade of puzzle moves, creating new opportunities and combinations for you.

Do you feel that you are starting to go a little worse? Don't worry - just select the magnifying glass lifebuoy from the board area. One click separates you from highlighting an area where something definitely fits together and you just had to overlook it. Also pay attention to the fact that Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected offers an interesting addition to the game in the form of ... Bomb! On the right side, the ammo bar is loaded, and in the lower part you can see an icon with the symbol of this explosive. This is something worth taking advantage of when the bricks stack up extremely unfavorably. Need to delete one and then run a cascade of perfect matchups? BOOM - and that's it!

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