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About the game Bridge

You have a free evening and you got bored? Why not try your hand at a classic card game? If you are worried that you do not have a partner to play with, nothing is lost: online bridge will help you solve this problem, thanks to which you will spend your time in a nice and, above all, interesting way. You will develop your logical thinking skills, and you will also learn new tricks: surprise your friends with them during your real game of bridge. It'll be hours before you know it!

Bridge is a game played in pairs against a team that also consists of two people. The creators of the game have cleverly solved any problems with finding a game partner - your partner is completely virtual. Your task is to join forces to face the artificial intelligence, which makes every effort to make it difficult for you to win. Both your partner and opponents are not completely anonymous figures - you can see their nice avatars, thanks to which the game becomes more real.

The task of you and your partner is to get a better score than a pair of opponents. The game consists of two parts: the bidding and the actual gameplay. During the first stage, you need to specify how many points you want to earn. In the later part of the turn, your task will be to reach the declared sum. If you fail, your opponents win the game. So you have to show a brilliant mind and analytical thinking: after all, the game is played against artificial intelligence!

You will love the intuitive interface of Bridge and the ability to reach for advice when you get stuck in the game. Simple, aesthetic graphics guarantee smooth operation of the application, making the time spent on the game more pleasant. Plus, no unnecessary details distract you from what's really important: winning! Track your progress with automatically saved game scores to keep track of your score at all times. Thanks to this, you will also use the acquired knowledge in practice.

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aplikacja mobilna