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Jewels Connect


About the game Jewels Connect

Jewels Connect - a game for big and small

The Jewels Connect game is another from the list of free games in the browser that can spice up a boring afternoon, make your time in a queue or in public transport (always as a passenger!) It is a game based on a classic Mahjong puzzle - you have tiles with different patterns in front of you and you have to pick out pairs of identical pieces on the board. This variant is about various valuables - colorful diamonds straight from the royal treasury do not want to feel lonely!

Jewels Connect requires focus and sharpness. It allows you to train your eagle eye and reflexes. The ability to act strategically and make efficient decisions will also be useful - the game is timed! If at some point it seems to you that you no longer have any possibility of movement, do not hesitate and use the helpful lifebuoys. One of them is a light bulb that will illuminate a place where you can easily find a pair. The second wheel is the ability to rearrange the tiles on the board in such a way that they are arranged more conveniently during the continuation of the game.

Exercise your eye with Jewels Connect. Try to challenge yourself or with your friends and see who is the best! What is the maximum score that can be achieved in the group? Don't forget to pay attention to the time results! There are several levels in the game, so you won't get bored quickly. In addition, if you've already mastered the basic level, you can move to a higher difficulty level to try to climb the experience ladder further. Remember that you can connect only those elements that are separated by a distance that can be determined using a maximum double broken line - otherwise they will have to wait their turn.

Jewels Connect is also accompanied by pleasant music - relax to it if you like it, or turn it off if you don't like it (or you're sitting in a lecture). What are you waiting for? Riches lie fallow, go to work!


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