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About the game Cooking Tile

Cooking Tile - puzzle game for cooking fans

Do you love puzzle games and love to cook? Cooking Tile is a proposition that should appeal to you. In this game, you play the role of a cook who prepares various meals. Your task is to choose the right ingredients for each dish. While playing, you also have a lot of variety at your disposal, which will provide the player with a lot of fun and long gameplay that will not get boring quickly.

As you progress through the Cooking Tile levels, you have to choose ingredients from the group visible on the screen. By pressing them with the cursor, you move them to the bar below. Collecting three identical food items, such as meat, cheese or eggplant, gives you points and allows you to move on to the next, increasingly difficult stages. The rules should be easy for anyone to understand - they are adapted to people of all ages so that everyone can enjoy the game.

While solving puzzles, you can use the option to undo your last move. In addition, after pressing the picture of the light bulb, you get a hint where the same ingredients are. When you accumulate enough coins, you will also open a special account in the form of a golden piggy bank, which contains surprises. In the store, for the collected virtual money, you can also buy the previously mentioned undos and hints, if you need them. Not only that, there is also a wheel of fortune with prizes in the main menu. Spin it to win coins and other small game bonuses.

The entire Cooking Tile game spans several chapters, each with multiple stages, so hours of fun await you. The increasing level diversifies the time spent on solving puzzles. Pleasant, atmospheric music plays in the background. Try out cooking puzzles and kill boredom - prepare food items for dishes and go through fragments of a planned story. Be careful, because it's an extremely addictive title - it's very possible that you will spend a long time with it and it will be difficult to tear yourself away from it!

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